About Edel


The 2017 Edel Gathering will be held at the JW Marriott hotel in downtown Austin, TX on August 4 - 5, 2017. Tickets are $299 and go on sale at 12:00 PM ET on Thursday, March 16. For more details, see this page.



A few years ago, we imagined an event where women of faith got together for spiritual enrichment through good wine and bad karaoke. We pictured an occasion where women hear powerful, encouraging talks, yet where there is no pressure to have a certain emotional experience. We wanted a place for people like us to get together and set aside pretense, let loose, and simply have some FUN.


From this vision was born The Edel Gathering.


We originally thought of it as a conference for mothers, simply because most of our extended social network at that time were women who were struggling in their lives with young children. (In fact, our conference is named for Venerable Edel Quinn because she once saved an overwhelmed mom from throwing herself off of a bridge.) We soon saw that there was a need for this kind of event for all women, and now we encourage every woman of faith to come and let her hair down with us.

Our event includes:


  • A Friday night reception that includes a Crazy Shoe Contest with fabulous prizes

  • Time to explore the city on Saturday morning

  • A Saturday daytime event where speakers share powerful insights over coffee and croissants

  • A Saturday dinner with a short talk, then karaoke and a rowdy dance floor until well into the night

  • SiriusXM live broadcast that highlights Edel Gathering attendees

  • Cash bars stocked with everything from soft drinks to a wide variety of wine to all your favorite cocktails

  • Overflowing gift bags

  • On-site masseuse

  • ...And we’re working on adding even more touches to make your weekend special!


Since we are Catholic, the spirituality is from that perspective, but we’ve had women from all denominations join us in the past. We’ll meet you where you are in your spiritual life, whether you’re on fire with love for Jesus or you were lying awake last night wondering if you still believe that God exists.

We’ve got a place ready at the table for you. We hope you’ll join us.


- Hallie and Jen